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Bar Mitzvah | Yochanan

It was a true pleasure to film Yochanan's Shabbos Bar Mitzvah celebration. We filmed erev Shabbos and motzei Shabbos even against the snow storm. We didn't let anything to come in our ways and ruin this beautiful party. Everyone had a great time and at the end everything turned out well!

Check out this beautiful family with a meaningful act and message not just for Yochanan but for all of us!

Party Planner | Tuli Abraham | Heavenly Events 
Entertainer | Chaim and Leah Raice 
Photographer | Chana Blumes

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oholei Torah, 770 Wedding, Brooklyn NY | Chana & Yehuda

We are so glad that Chana from choose us to film her own wedding. 
The day was filled with deep emotions through out the day which is my favorite to capture!

Photographer | David Miller Studios
Photographer | Zalmy Berkowitz
Photographer | Levi Teitelbaum | Ell Tee Photo
Event Planner | Tammy Carmona - Polatsek | 917.681.5670
Band | Ben Shimon Orchestra 

The Bris of Aryeh Leib

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Scoop & Co Wedding Experience

Recently I got to film a wedding designed by Heshy Jay from Scoop & Co. He is the master of cutting edge event design. I would say even above that. He creates a rocking environment on each event.


Scoop & Co | | 718.853.5368 
Music | Freilach Band | | 212.234.2779

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

InFashion Magazine

I was privileged to be part of this amazing team. We worked for InFashion Magazine to create a beautiful product for their June - 'White Issue'. The stunning pictures will be featured on the front cover and in an interior spread with a short description about the team.


Oshra Bitton | Fashion Coordinator at InFashion Magazine 
Chaya Bialestock | Model |
Chayale Kivman | Chaya'les' Hair for You 
Gittel Rosenberger | Make Up by Gittel  
Avrohom Perl | Avrohom Perl Photography 
Levi Teitlebaum | Ell Tee Photo
Fraidy Reizes | Dresses, Bedazzled Headpiece, and Vail | 718.221.0017
Flowers | Mimulo Daisy 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monsey, New York Bar Mitzvah | Menachem Mendel

You always read about righteous people, families in children's books. (Yes, I'm stuck on that level :)) Families who have an average life but always seem so happy. They always want to do the right thing and always find the time to help others. Even when life rolls some complications in front of them they seem to get over it with an ease. They always listen sensitively for others' needs and the list goes on. For me the Cohen family comes to mind and I'm so lucky to call Menachem Mendel's mother my best friend.

 Hope I could capture them just as well :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PhotoCinema with Dini Groner Photography

I teamed up with Dini Groner Photography once again this past summer. Together, Dini and I got to capture this beautiful family and bring them to life.

Photocinema + Photography is the best of both worlds, you get beautiful portraits to display in your home as well as capture the spirit of your family in motion. These are treasures that only increase in value with time as your children grow older. You don't have to wait for the special occasion like a Bar Mitzvah or wedding, this can be included in your photo session with Dini Groner Photography.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Photocinema! 


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