Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Michele | Exceptional Health Services

I would like to introduce Michele Finley from Exceptional Health Services to you. After the first time I met her, I knew the facial improvement became only a secondary goal for me. I wanted to go back for the experience, for the clam feeling, for the relaxation, and to hear Michele's warm and caring voice. I just wanted to feel far away from this world's craziness, in a location where you only hear the birds chirping, your phone miraculously has no reception and you can just have peace of mind without any interruption.
I'm usually not very much into looks and beauty and don't even have flawless skin. However, last year I got to a point in my life, when I needed to seek help. When it comes to health or really any other service in life I'm always looking for the best. I heard amazing things about Michele so I gave her a try. It was a bonus for me to see the result of Michele's treatment. My face never looked so clean, so even, and younger than it is now.
She is a real healer inside and out. You will leave her place feeling fresh and light. I can't really tell you with words so I tried to give that feeling back with this edit. There was not a single fake moment in this process. Even Kelly and Michele had no idea I was hiding somewhere and what I was filming.

Michele from Detti Siklos on Vimeo.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Event Planning and Decor: David Scharf
Music: Chony Milecki
Photo: Chana Blumes Photo
Singer: Mendy Jerufi
Event Cordinator and Book Publishing: Davidi Crombie

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bas Mitzvah | Chaya Mushka

Chaya is probably my youngest and biggest fan ever. No Shabbos past when she didn't stare at me in shul nor nudged her mother "Mommy I want Detti to film my Bas Mitzvah, did you ask her already?"

She and her mother planned this event down til the tiniest details. Such love and calmness was surrounding us the entire afternoon that it was hard to leave the hall!

This piece will always remain one of my favorites! There is a beauty and inner meaning in smaller events as well. This family especially just so inspiring! Thank you for influencing me and touching me to try to be a better person and parent myself as well!


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