Photography by Avrohom PerlEll Tee Photo
Thank you for stopping by! I'm Detti, the owner and main cinematographer at BSDfilms.

The acronym BS"D (Besiyata Dishmaya) is an Aramaic phrase, meaning "with the help of Heaven." The letters also happen to be my initials. I decided this name fits well with who I am. 

I became interested in Judaism during the end of my college years and it completely changed my life. After receiving my master's degree in Electrical Engineering in Hungary I got married and moved to the United States where my husband had been living for years.

Filming became my hobby when my first son was born in 2002. I wanted to share everything about him, his voice, movements, and personality with my relatives living in Hungary. The past few years this hobby became my passion. I'm getting trained by the leaders of the professional wedding and event film makers from all around the world. My goal is to entertain you with personalized films that you would want to watch over and over again.

I'm striving to deliver a better product each time. I'm continuously researching the best possible equipment, ideas, and editing tools to provide high quality images with content that can touch the heart. 

I like to preserve the memories of your special day in a completely unobtrusive style. I'm trying to capture the most intimate and memorable moments in both breathtaking creativity as well as visual quality.

Please don't hesitate to call me! I will make you re-live the past!


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